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Refunds: Any product unused in original packaging may be returned to the store for a full refund of the purchase price. All return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Shipping: All purchases are subject to shipping cost based upon weight and/or volume of the product. Unless your shipping address is within a 25 mile driving distance to the store you may opt for our free local delivery option. Above ground swimming pools will be subject to a flat delivery fee of $150 and limited to a 25 mile delivery range. 

Above Ground Swimming Pools: All pools are sold as an un-assembled kit. Charlottesville Sanitary Supply Corporation assumes no liability for pools that are improperly assembled and or maintained. All installation and maintenance is the sole responsibility of the purchaser of the swimming pool kit. If any part of the swimming pool kit is damaged upon arrival. Customer must notify Charlottesville Sanitary Supply Corporation of any damages or defects before any installation. 

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Terms: All charge accounts are subject to Net 15 day terms unless otherwise stated. All balances beyond their terms are subject to finance charges.

Sales Tax: All purchases will be subject to Virginia law regarding purchases and taxation. Virginia state and locality tax equate to a 5.3% addition to your purchase price.

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